About our Creatives

 NWOVEN clothing

Tony Campbell, the creator and designer of NWOVEN is a Portland Oregon native and has always had a passion for fashion and helping people. Tony has a diverse background in brands and fashion, and has long aspired to have a brand that meant something. From that, NWOVEN clothing was born. NWOVEN means ... we are connected, we are all NWOVEN (in-wo-ven). 

Trash Snap

Trash Snap was a creation of Lisa's when she saw a need for rapid car cleanup while performing her real estate agent duties. She is also a dog lover and had the roll of poop bags handy for her pup, that doubled in use as quick trash stash receptacles when preparing her car for client pickup. The thought of being able to securely hang a disposable bag for constant use, sprang the idea for Trash Snap. Now Trash Snap is used for more than just cars! RVs, Boats, Craft Rooms, Laundry Room ... and more. Works with all kinds of bags!!